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What is Group discussion (GD)?

Shortly said to be GD, is a strategy of measuring the skills of a candidate by an organization which they wish their employee should have.

Which role is better – initiator or finisher?

If you know better about the topic, then you can initiate it. Otherwise, you can prepare yourself as a good finisher at last.

I have less communication skills, tell me any tips to shine in a GD?

The power or effectiveness is very important than your communication skill. So be effective till the end.

What is the importance of taking notes?

To remember every point, it is important that you should take notes, so do it without any wavering. Sometimes good listener will be respected.

I never heard the topic before, What shall I do ?

If you don’t know anything about the topic just wait and listen to the points discussed others. Try to understand the topic and decide whether you want to speak in favour or against the topic.Generally, most of the GD topics will be based on the followingSocial media, current affairs, banking sector, black money, based on case study, brain drain, customer service, child labour, Dowry, education system India, environment, e commerce, leadership, law, mobile phones, marketing, mental health, poverty, terrorism, pollution, politics, quality, agriculture, sports, veg & non veg, Substance abuse etc.

GD Do’s

  • Maintain the time punctuality is a must.
  • Observe whatever is happening there, never look away.
  • Maintain a pleasant tone.
  • Make sure you make a good impression, even your body language counts.
  • Wait for your turn to answer unless it’s an open discussion round.
  • Stick to your group discussion topics.
Group discussion Don’ts

  • Never lose your temper or try to speak ill of other candidates.
  • Don’t go away from the your GD topic.
  • Never make a long speech. Keep your talk crisp and short but make your points heard.
  • Do not interrupt between anyone’s speech wait till they complete or until your turn comes.
Group discussion Topics for reference

  • 2. Donald Trump elected 45th President of United States –For/Against
  • Bank employees strike - UFBU's dissent towards merger !
4Perception can be deadly if not analysed

  • Is Corruption will decrease by Demonetization?
  • Demonetization- affecting common people or black money holders?
  • Will Donald Trump’s presidency be a bad news for women?
  • Digital India? Is there any digital equality
  • Smart work vs hard work vs luck
  • Cauvery issue between Tamilnadu and Karnataka

Interview Preparation:(PI)

CareerBuzz is always with you on every step of your journey... and here we are to help you in cracking Interview.

Interview is the last and a very important phase in getting selected in your dream college as only 1 out of every 3 candidate is selected in the process. It is very important that every candidate starts preparing for this phase in a very professional way. Yes, professional!! Because you must not take it casually.

In Personal Interview, your attitude, confidence, fluency and, knowledge everything matters a lot. Yes, it is not just about the knowledge, more than that it is about your ability to deliver your knowledge and thoughts. You are expected to dress properly and carry yourself with confidence.

Introduction is the most perplexing part in Interviews and it the most important part as well. Many of you might face difficulties in framing a proper set of content that you should deliver while introducing yourself. Moreover, the interviewer might start asking questions from your introduction itself. Yes, the questions can be as simple as 'What is your hometown famous for and in which district does it lies?' or little tricky as 'Who was the first CM of your state in independent India?' The key is to be prepared to face anything challenge with calm and composure.

Nervousness gets in human nature in some difficult situations and that might happen during your personal interview too, but it is important that you tackle it without showing the obvious signs of panic. The right posture to stand, the way you talk, the right posture of sitting everything accounts for your personality that you'll be judged upon.

There can be questions related to your educational background. This is the most common type after the introduction. If you are from commerce or related stream, there is a fair chance for you face questions related to banking and finance right away and if you are from any other stream, for example, technical or science you may face a question, 'Why are you willing to pursue career in Banking/Law/Management but not in your stream?' These are some very general questions that you should be prepared to answer. And as demonetization is a hype nowadays in India, you may also encounter questions related to finance and demonetization.

They may also judge your attitude towards work and commitment and do your psychometric evaluation from your answers and your conduct.

It is very important to be well aware of current affairs as many questions can very reasonably be expected in interviews. In general, the interviewer looks for good communication skills, good interpersonal skills, ability to deal with customers, knowledge of the industry as well as the ability of the person to grow with the organisation.

Some Instant Tips For Interview :

  • Learn about the Institution . Check out their website, use online corporate directories. You should track down all sorts of useful information, such as the Institution size, history, main courses and services, and current news achievements.
  • Rehearse with mock interviews. And read interview experiences.
  • Go through the current affairs for the last six months.
  • Read out thoroughly the important and burning issues.
  • You must be really careful and fully aware of what you are filling in your Application Form. Yes, it is really very important as the interview panel usually start asking questions from your Application Form itself. So it will be really beneficial for you if you have all the general knowledge regarding what you are filling in your form.
  • Think well about your greatest strengths and weaknesses; your most significant work or school experiences, your future plans.
  • You are most likely to also have an encounter with questions pertaining to the technical aspect of your stream, so revise your subjects well as they expect you to be capable of answering questions related to the field of your stream.
  • Any organization while interviewing a candidate also checks their attitude towards their life and work. So stay relaxed keep a positive attitude, you do not have to make up things while giving the interview as they are experienced professional and you’ll be caught off guard.

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